Spirited Womanhood

I offer individual consultations exploring Spirited Womanhood. You can bring any questions into the space I hold. I will be using my own experience to support you to find the fullest expression of your journey as a woman.

Being a woman is a mystery of artfulness that should never be taken for granted as something that “just happens” within the system of the world we currently reside in. The reason being is that the main aim of the system itself is to eradicate the core qualities of this genuine sense of what real womanhood is about.

You Woman, is here, right now, as an authentic force of nature. Maybe you are aware of it with the full flesh of your being or you are just sensing it as a subtle flicker of your soul coming to life in the portal of your belly button. It does not matter, weather you sense it or not, the fact is; it is here.

My invitation is to hold a space where you can dive deep into the nuances, the colors, shapes and scents of what this most intimately and personally journey wants to reveal for you.

If you are interested in a private consultation contact me at: susanna@susannanova.com

I also custom make programs if you would want to commit to a longer process of support. This program can also be done in the setting of our magic place Trinity Gardens in Ubud, Bali. This becomes like a personilized retreat and is a deep process of integrating Spirited Living into your life.