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My collection is called BLESSED. It is made as a sensual ritual and as a vision to inspire you to get in touch with “The Wonder of Rituals” in daily life.

I feel blessed having landed into the embrace of Bali, the island of the Gods, for some years now. Being here is a deep journey of exquisite beauty, alive magic and infusion into a wild world of sensual ceremony.

What I am meeting here is mirroring and enhancing all the facets of my own inner sense of what is truly valuable in life. I am naturally inspired and creativity blossoms forth as a force of nature.

In the midst of founding a whole new life here; home-schooling my daughter Ayisha Temple, building Trinity Gardens, together with my man of deep wisdom, and continuing to work with my clients in Spirited Living – I also developed a collection of Spirited Products.


I am collaborating with several different local artists who are helping me find ways to manifest my design ideas with recycled, local and organic materials. My connection with them does not only have a fair-trade base, but a joyous friendship and shared life.

We are developing these products in a slow natural way. We offer the pieces as a rememberance of real intimacy with the Earth and the gifts She gives, while honoring each other as creative human beings.

For me, this is sustainability in every way possible.

Products For Rituals

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