Spirited Motherhood

I offer individual consultations in the area of motherhood. You can bring any questions into the space of our meeting and I will use my own experience to support you to find the fullest expression of your unique journey as a mother.

My story as a mother started when I first had the sense of who my daughter was. This was about five years before she was born. My feeling was so clear of her soul knowing why she is coming to me and to Earth. From that moment on the journey of motherhood has been one of deep vulnerability, unbelivable strength, profound love, humble learning and utmost surrender.

In my experience there is a way to be in relationship to your child which is of total spirited mutuality. It is a place to meet where our souls are obviously cooperating; where both of our needs are taken care of and where we both grow in every sense of the word. This happens through the magnitude of experiences we have together and how we take care of them all, the full spectrum of the most difficult ones to the ones which are the most joyful. From this perspective the journey of motherhood is a profound unfolding of my personal spirited reality and my human healing.

This journey has taken me through conscious conception, natural pregnancy and birth, attachment parenting and home schooling/world schooling/life learning. I have extensively studied and lived the implementing of my learning into a daily life. Through a commited long term relationship to her father, living in community with other families, a very painful divorce, international travelling/co-parenting, inviting a new man into our constallation and creating a completely new life in a new part of the world.

My daughter Ayisha Temple is now 11 and she says she wants to be a “free human being”. I do all I can to support her, while letting her magic approach to life inspire me.

Unfortunately, we are also Swedish, political refugees as our country violates human rights by making it illegal to homeschool. However, refusing to become a victim of the system we are transforming this experience into an empowering journey of life learning, while exploring the world and extending our gifts.

If you are interested in a private consultation contact me at: susanna@susannanova.com

I also custom make sessions for specific themes (home-schooling, natural diet etc.) or programs if you would want to commit to a longer process of support.

Here I share some snippets of our life together in the last few years:

Spirited Motherhood

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