Spirited Malas

In the lush jungle and rice field magic of Ubud in Bali, is where I am chilin out right now. From here I can do a ceremony with you via Skype or via email.

I will guide you to the place of your natural beauty. I am with you in the journey of giving words to the textures, the colors, the nuances and the symbols of your unique soul. I hold you in a space where you can sense the tastes, the scents, the symbols and the sounds of what is this sensual experience of you.

I support you to explore the valleys or mountaintops, the darkest abysses or the lightest heights and to let nature inspire you with its range between subtle sweetness and roaring wild. Based on this journey the vision of your unique Mala will become clear, then designed and created.

I exclusively use organic, fair-trade and recycled materials, where an atmosphere of ritual is present in the creation of your Mala, which becomes like an altar to carry with you wherever you go.

To book a ceremony contact me at: susanna@susannanova.com

Spirited Malas

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