Spirited Interior

Individual consultations – at location or online.

Spirited Interior is about designing your space from the inside out. Wheater you want to redesign a part of your current home, build a new home or create a commercial space of some kind, it is the same journey of sensing the vision of your own unique expression.

I am offering to support, hold and inspire you in a journey where we will define the clear sense of the unique spirited beauty of your life.

This process is an exploration that starts in the feeling recognition of textures, colors, nuances and symbols that are alive as your most real connection with yourself.

I will be with you in a way where you will find the tastes, scents, sounds, shapes and forms that will, from the inside out, manifest as your home/business. Your space being a direct mirror of what is authentically important for you when it comes to the spirit of health, beauty, relationship and creativity.

This is done in a process of approximately 5 hours of sessions divided in a way that supports the flow of the manifestation. Both of us will do work in-between sessions to ground what we will access in the sessions.

At the end of this first phase you will have a material that will contain; a clear vision of what you are about to create and specific guidelines for how to manifest the vision.

I also offer personalized shopping tours in Bali.

Prices depend a little on the size of your space. For exact prize quotation contact me at: susanna@susannanova.com

Here is a gallery of some snapshots of projects I have done.

Spirited Interior

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