In your meeting with me there is space to tell your story; what you are at ease with and what you are struggling with; nothing being too small or too big a deal, too ugly or too beautiful. All is taken in as nourishment for your journey of unfolding the unique beauty you are. I will open a space for you to be taken into a free fall of trusting your deepest intuition.

I am inspiring from my life being lived as a kind of artist of life; from a perspective of radical trust, vulnerable innocence and empowered creativity with a touch of pure rebellion of spirit.

I am with you and am doing the journey as you do. We are all such amazing beautiful human beings, all while we are wounded beyond measure. Letting all of it be put into the middle of this alchemical unfolding is the experience of recognizing ourselves at the exquisite simple seed we are. It is us learning to know that we need both the dirty dark composting soil and the bright light sunlight as much. All for the unique and divine blueprint that we are, to not only sprout, but blossom in full beauty on this earth. Being ourselves authentically one step at a time, while we listen and learn how to live as vulnerable strength in the midst of an unsustainable system, this I sense as the most raw natural beauty of being human.