The first time I stepped onto Bali soil I had a deep sense of never wanting to leave. I was in tears all the way from the airport to the guesthouse. The whole experience was a revolution of beauty, over and over again, and in every nook and cranny of the culture; the sweet people, the sensual ceremonies and the ritual movement that is always displayed, deeper and deeper.

Living here is an experience of portal after portal opening to always more profound beauty.

The Balinese people are embodying The Wonder of Rituals in a way I have never seen anywhere else in the world. There is a genuine sense of connection to the ceremonies which blasts open a multitude of colors, scents, shapes and forms which inspires me every day.

My aim with the products I am shaping here is to translate some of the traditional amazingness I am given here, into a form that can fit right into your home and daily life. This without losing the dept of feeling which is present here.

I offer Spirited Mala ceremonies and Spirited products for rituals.

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