Spirited Living is an approach of relaxation into the divine emptiness and the unique fullness of the spiral at the core of our being. It is about curiously, and without judgment, exploring life with a deep sense of wonder.

Daily life can be a natural ritual when we see, accept and create with all seeming counterpars. Darkness and light, simplicity and complexity, emptiness and fullness, freedom and love – are all components of authentic human living and dying, of real unconditional beauty.

Spirited Living is a highly practical philosophy opening to wholeness through the four corner stones of health, beauty, relationship and creativity. When these aspects are all equally cared for, our lives are inspired with a continuous alive inquiry that intimately weaves authentic beauty in our lives.

Spirited Living is based on the realization that spirituality, sexuality and creativity are all alive as one at the center of being human. When we approach these aspects as interrelated we can be deeply connected and thereby naturally express our most authentic creative gifts. As human beings we manifest the meeting between space and form, stillness and movement. As we constantly live in the dynamic of this meeting, we are intimately connected to the inherent sacredness of life.

To live a spirited life, is an experience where the beginning and the end comes together. It is a journey where the authenticity of how we show up with whatever is the case is more important than what shows up in any given moment.



You will find a fuller connection to your unique source of nourishment as well as your most beautiful visions. Integrating these through a daily ongoing sense of ritual you will deepen in your sense of truth and magic in your life. Through the continuous exploration of Spirited Living your life becomes very alive and vibrant. It will support you to relax into the feeling of being gently vulnerable and roaringly powerful at the same time. A more balanced and rich life in connection with your soul will start taking form. It might not feel easier but it will surely feel authentic and real.