Spirited Living


Since I was little the only thing truly important to me has been the radical truth of real magic present in the midst of day-to-day life. My journey has been one of “the rebel” rising through the obviously unsustainable system the world presents. At times traveling into the underworld of darkness for all that was needed to be harvested. In the early nineties I was brought to an edge where the vibrant voice of the Divine shook me into a free-falling consideration and a living vision of the full potential of human life.

Now, 25 years later, after having traveled many times around the world, created/lived in several intentional communities and worked with innumerable people in deep life-journeys, I find myself living in Bali. I am here with my daughter Ayisha Temple, 11, my man of amazing wisdom, a cat and an expansive hub of international community around us. We are living in a magnificent home in the jungle and ricefields just outside Ubud, the cultural center of Bali.

Bali has a rhythm and pulse deeply infused with ritual and beauty. Every day that I am living and breathing here is an inspiration, not only for the senses, but truly and very directly for the spirit. In every part of my life I am sensing an embodiment of a space for beautiful wisdom inquiry that exceeds my wildest visions.


My aim with Spirited Living is to inspire you to let the inner and outer beauty I sense in my life, reach out to you and touch your life.

My services and products are expressions of and invitations to this beauty, as The Wonder of Rituals is an approach to life that can be felt and lived whoever you are and wherever you are.

“I am a Gardener of life-giving nourishment. Lover with the beloved in full view. Mother with the magic little ones. Friend with friends. Extender of natural beauty. Priestess of the deepest ritual of my life. Intimately rotting with death. Feeling how all this is enough for a life to be lived.”

I also want to acknowledge the rare collaboration and friendship I have with Gita, the founder of Gita – Plug into your potential When we met 20 years ago there was an instant recognition of a mutual sense of a core approach to life as the meeting between the seeming counterparts of darkness and light. There and then a spontaneous and truly alive consideration started and haven’t stopped since. From there a deepening of the heart of both Spirited Living and Plug in to your potential continuously unfolds between us.

Where ever I am in the world I offer individual consultations, events and spirited products – in person or via Skype.